Application to Join the Goaloop Team

Application to Join the Goaloop Team

July 4, 2024

Got a goal? Goaloop it! Like YouTube is for videos, Goaloop is for goals.

Goaloop helps you reach your goals and connects the world through goals, linking all productivity by this common denominator. We use the goal to transcend social, business, ideological and geographic boundaries to unite us and focus on getting things done, expanding social circles and creating new opportunities across sectors.

Goaloop® is the world’s Goal Market®, the one-stop solution for goal achievement. State your goal and everything appears for you to reach it: the right people, resources and incentives in a thriving community propelled by AI and the latest technology, skyrocketing collaboration and innovation.

Most networks connect people based on ‘who’ you know. Goaloop's Goal Network® connects people based on ‘what’ your goals are. A goal to learn the guitar matches a goal to teach guitar, and sell guitars, and make guitars. No matter what goal you have, someone else has a goal that will help you to achieve it.

Goaloop is the ultimate Goal Manager®, where all of your goals are organized and prioritized in one place.

Studies show we are addicted to social media and digital devices, yet we have trouble focusing on our goals. Goaloop harnesses tech to addict you to your own goals.

Our team includes alumni and professors from Columbia University, Rutgers College, Stanford University, Fordham, Tufts and others.

We are thrilled to be a client of Yale Law School's Entrepreneurship & Innovation Clinic.

More information may be found on Columbia University's website at:

Goaloop is a platform designed to maximize human and technological potential. We have raised $1.6 million to date.

Please see more info and join us at: (retired, for now) - we post articles very occasionally

Goaloop Openings:

• UX/UI/Front-End Developer
• Mobile Developer
• Marketing and Business Development Interns
• Software Developer / ML and AI Interns
• Business Development Professionals
• Director, Outreach + Partnerships, GCR (
• Director, International Relations, GCR (
• Director, Climate + the Economy, GCR (
• Interns to assist in company-wide activities
• How would you like to be involved?

Our location: Near Columbia University's main campus in Manhattan - but we welcome working with great people wherever you may be!

To apply, please submit the form below or send a cover letter and resumé to: goalooping[at]goaloop[dot]com

If you are interested in joining or helping to lead a small, fun, serious team to perfect and continually innovate this website and mobile apps, if you are ambitious and passionate about building a platform to maximize human and technological potential, we look forward to hearing from you.

Goaloop is patent pending and our extensive intellectual property portfolio includes many registered trademarks. We also have a Coexistence Agreement with Google.

Connecting goals, we can achieve anything together!

We have only just begun.

Thank you for your interest in Goaloop!